While at DePaul’s University Center for Writing Based Learning, I took part in producing a podcast called “Hot Topics in Writing.” The podcast is centered around issues in writing and resources for writers.

Our most recent episode wrapped up a three-part series. It was about online resources for writers. We focused on how writers can get their work published online and the ways in which they can join the writing community via the web. In this episode, we played around with adding bumper music to the podcast. I conducted an interview, helped edit, and helped host this episode.

My favorite episode was the second in a three-part series. It was about physical venues that writer could go to and get their work read or listen to other writers read their work. I went and recorded audio of the readers, interviewed the writers and organizers of the events, hosted the podcast and edited the audio.

This next episode was the first in the three part series, and it focused on print publications that writers could submit their work to.

This episode was about editors and what their jobs are like. We also talked about what it is like to write on deadline.

If you would like to see the rest of the podcasts that I have been involved in you can go here. I was only involved in the creation of season two.

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