As an intern at WGN-TV I worked primarily at the assignment desk. I answered phones, followed up on stories by calling the people involved and officials such as the police, the FBI and the medical examiner. I also sifted through the emailed tips and set up interviews. When a story broke and the other reporters were tied up, I was sent out in the field. I interviewed officials and people who were involved in the events.

GPS Knee and Hip Replacement Implants

GPS Knee and Hip Replacement Implants

When the anchor, Dina, was not able to go to this press conference about new technology in knee and hip replacements, I went in her place. I interviewed both the patient, Gerry Gorski, and the doctor. You can find the video here.

Clip of Firefighter Rescuing Dog

Firefighter Rescues Dog From Frozen Pond

For this story, about a fireman who saved a dog from a frozen pond, I set up an exclusive interview with the firefighter, family, and dog. You can find the story and the video here.

Gas Main Fire

Gas Line Fire

For this clip, I went out in the field and interviewed the man shown in the video about the gas line fire. I also gathered more information from some of the officials at the scene. You can watch the video here.

List of other stories I worked on:

  • Cross vandalized at Bridgeport Church – here
  • Mother shot and killed in Calumet Park – here

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