Hot Topics in Writing – Episode 2

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I am also part of a podcasting team for the DePaul University Center for Writing Based Learning. The podcast discusses all aspects of writing and also venues for writers to get their work published or read.

Here is the latest episode: Hot Topics in Writing: Episode 2

This episode talks about the physical (not online) publications that writers can submit their work to and possibly get published.

If you would like to listen to the older episodes, you can find them here. You will have to click the “more” buttons on the posts individually to find the links to the podcasts.

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Brown Elephant Prospers During Hard Economic Times

Brown Elephant resale shop

Brown Elephant resale shop (Photo by Caylie Sadin)

By Caylie Sadin, Madison Ornstil and Allyson Holt

Shannon Wright is one of the many people who are turning to thrift stores to save money. She ventured into the Brown Elephant in Lakeview looking for a deal on furniture and walked away with a micro suede couch for under $100.

“I was surprised by the condition of it (the couch), because I walked in expecting used products but it looked like it was in great condition”  Wright said. “I was very pleased with my purchase”.

The Brown Elephant, located in Chicago’s Boystown neighborhood in Lakeview and in Oak Park, is a resale shop and has sold more than 740,000 items yearly, and all the profit goes to charity.

But unlike most businesses, this thrift store has prospered in the recent downturn of the economy. Because more people are interested in finding a good deal, the Brown Elephant has seen more customers than ever before, according to the Assistant Manager Brett Wilson.

“What better place to come than a thrift store to save money?” said Wilson.

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