Poll: The Royal Wedding: Worth It?

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In honor of 4/20 I did another storify story on what people are saying about it and the news related to marijuana.

[View the story “4/20/2011” on Storify]

Enjoy! If you want to add anything to the story, please comment below!

CTA Brown line Stuck Switching Tracks

UPDATE3: Power is restored to all lines. Only residual delays are expected.

UPDATE 2: Now a link to a video of the derailment!

UPDATE1: The storify story now has pictures!

I have put together a real time twitter feed of the information available on the CTA Brown line derailment in Chicago. Check it out!

[View the story “CTA Brown line Stuck Switching Tracks” on Storify]

If you were there or have more information, please comment and tell us what you saw or know!

Here is the video! Thank you Chicago Tribune!


On a related note, Mayor Emanuel named Claypool the new CTA president.

Seven Mugged in Lincoln Park in Summer 2009

Several men were mugged in Lincoln Park in the summer of 2009. The first five muggings were linked and the police are unsure if the sixth and the seventh muggings were related to each other.

In each of the first four muggings the victims were men in their early to middle 20’s and were walking alone. They were confronted on foot from behind by at least four attackers who were also in their 20’s. Each victim was asked for their wallet and then beaten in the head and face. Two of the victims were hospitalized.

No arrests have been made. The police are still investigating the muggings and if the last two muggings were related. The victim of the third attack identified a suspect in a physical lineup but the suspect was released on lack of evidence.

All information was obtained from the Chicago Police Department Records.