Redesign Coming for Gapers Block

Andrew Huff photo

Andrew Huff, creator of Gapers Block, talked to two journalism classes at DePaul University about changes to his website. (Photo by Juan M. Rodriguez)

By Caylie Sadin

Gapers Block, a website that focuses on interesting goings on in Chicago, is being redesigned.

Since its founding in 2003, Gapers Block has used Movable Type, a weblog publishing program, “and it shows,” said founder

Andrew Huff.

Huff spoke to journalism students recently at DePaul University’s College of Communication about how the site started and how it is changing along the media landscape.

As the years have gone by, the site has gone through many redesigns and therefore picked up bugs. Gapers Block will be redesigning to eliminate those glitches.

The site will be staying with its three column front page design, but sections will be moving around. The “Slowdown” section, which is a list of events happening in Chicago, will be moved to the right column.

A new section will be added in the center that will have a constant flow of the articles posted to the site and will be updated as posts occur. The “merge” section will stay where it is and continue to link readers to other sites.

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Birth of a Blog

Welcome to my blog! While this is being used initially for my Journalism classes, hopefully, with time, this will turn into a fully fleshed out blog of quality.

Thanks for reading!