So yeah, I just went to my first con: GenCon. It was pretty awesome. For so many more reasons than just the con. For instance, I got to meet some of the people that help make Geek&Sundry, which is awesome! I even went to dinner, lunch, and morning coffee with Beverly, who is the marketing director for the company. And I met Bo, who is the Assistant Producer for the show, which is awesome!! Both are amazing and awesome people. Bo used to be a game promoter, so he knows like tons of developers and knows a ton of games, which is awesome. I love board games!!

And then, no big deal, I got to have coffee  and even hang out with Pat Rothfuss. Yeah. We talked and stuff. Like normal people and junk. And if you don’t know who Pat is, check out his blog and his books. He is an amazing author. Definitely one of the best I’ve ever read.

I got to play a few different games while I was there. I got to play the new Game of Thrones board game (while dressed up as Dany) and it was pretty awesome. Also, I played Smashup, which I wasn’t that big a fan of. But I also got to demo the new mobile based game SolForge, which is by the people that did Ascension. It was pretty cool! They have a Kickstarter too! I definitely need to go give them money!

But yeah, best three days ever! The energy was amazing. Definitely kind of a let down when I returned home to my apartment alone. Especially after being surrounded by people and being so excited the whole weekend. The low was extreme. But it was worth it. So, so worth it. Perhaps after I completely recover I will share more specific stories of my experience!