Speech-Language Pathologist Story in the Chicago Tribune

Hey guys,

So I got another story in the Chicago Tribune today. Here’s a snippet of the story and you can find the full story here.

“Speech-language pathologists help people regain or strengthen their ability to communicate. Many of the people that speech-language pathologists work with have impediments like stuttering, speech delays and learning disabilities. Some clients have physical impediments, such as a cleft palate, hearing loss or a brain injury.”


Chicago White Sox Story in the Tribune

Another of my stories was published in the Chicago Tribune on Sunday, which is exciting. This story was about the physical therapist for the White Sox, so definitely interesting!

I got a little peek of what it is like to be the physical therapist for a large professional team, and a peek at the process of treatment that a professional athlete goes through.

So if you would like to read it, click here!

Hear, Hear!

So another of my stories was published in the Tribune, which is cool. This one is about Audiologists and what they do to help people hear.

You can find it here.

And actually, another of my stories was published nationally. I know that one was published in the Sun Sentinel because my grandmother saw it. For some reason though, they have still not updated their website with the story. So whenever they do that, I will provide a link to it here.