Character Study: Lucas Neff takes a Break from Television’s “Raising Hope” to Bring his New Play, “The Last Duck,” Home

New article up for Newcity Magazine! For this one, I got to talk with the playwright Lucas Neff, most well known for his part on the TV series “Raising Hope.” He told me a bit about his new play “The Last Duck.” I also got to talk with the director of the play, Marti Lyons.

You can find the article here.

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A few more articles for Newcity Magazine published

Hello Readers!

Over the last couple of weeks a few more of my articles were published over at Newcity Magazine. All of them are preview articles for theater shows or events.

So here they are:

“Kill Bill”? Commedia Beauregard mashes up Tarantino and Shakespeare with “Bard Fiction”

Enter Screen Right: Chicago Companies Bring Digital Theater into the Forefront

Aftershock Theater: American Blues joins a global project to help Japanese artists in the wake of the quake