Bam! Take that NaNoWriMo!

Shabam! I wrote 2,141 words today! Suck it NaNo!

Okay, so it is just the first day, but for a girl that has never written a novel before, I take pride in pretty much any amount of words on a page towards that end. And hey, they even kind of sound like a novel already!

So yeah, first day down. Though I will say, writing is actually pretty hard guys. It was difficult to force myself to just settle down and write. I think the hardest part was when I was attempting to write dialogue scenes. The line breaks kept jarring me out of it. And I would sit there staring thinking, “Okay, now what does he say back to her?” Then I was worried about how much I should describe, because I really, really don’t want to fall into the tired fantasy trope of being overly descriptive. That is allll over the fantasy genre. Though I might have gone a little too far in the opposite direction. So I think tomorrow I will go back in and add a little description so everyone gets the feel of this one creepy goblin that is part of the inciting incident of my story.

Goal for tomorrow: Write another 2,000 words!

If any of you are doing NaNoWriMo with me, comment below and tell me about your experience so far!! And if you wanna be my writing buddy my screen name on the site is: csadin.

Now I am going to go reward myself with some Buffy. Catch you guys on the flip side!


Thr3e Wise Men Brewery

Okay, totally didn’t expect to have something to write about again so soon after the last post. But there’s life for you sometimes.

So yesterday night, even though I was terrified, I decided that I should go out to a bar by my lonesome and try to make friends. Good idea because I literally know absolutely no one in this town (well except for my boss and the people that work around me, but they all have kids and aren’t quite on page with a girl right out of college). So I surfed around on the interwebs to try and find a place that wasn’t a dance club, but wasn’t going to have an age demographic of 60+.

I settled on the Thr3e Wise Men Brewery. It had great reviews and they make a blackberry beer! And anyone who offers beer in a “growler” (a 64oz glass jug) is pretty a okay by me. So shy and kind of shaking on the inside, I went.

I sat at the bar, because how could I meet people if I had a table all to myself? I sat down and the nice bartender came over and first asked me for my license and then asked me if I had ever been there before. My prompt reply: “No! Actually I just moved here like a week ago!”

“Oh wow really? Where from?”


“Uh huh, then why does your liscense say Louisiana?”

“Cause I’m from New Orleans originally!”

He smiled and laughed a bit and then promptly began to explain a little about how they brew most of the beers there themselves and gave me a menu. He started to walk away, but I stopped him because, as I told him “I actually already know what I want. I looked you up on the internet.” Thankfully, I managed to stop myself from continue to babble what went on in my head “Well not you specifically, but the bar. I mean I don’t even know your name so how could I look you up?” (imaginary awkward laugh) Showing amazing restraint, I managed to just order my beer, a Two Lucys Blackberry Wheat.

Yeah, it was pretty good.

As he came back to give me a humongous mason jar of water, the guy sitting next to me asked him what kind of beer it was. But then he turned to me and said “Oh man, that was rude, I could have just asked you.” I lit up with hope, oh man, maybe this was going to work! Maybe I’m actually going to make a friend! He’s sitting with a group, a girl and another guy! Maybe they will be cool and we can all hang out together!

This flashed through my head as I nervously giggled and said “Oh no, that’s okay!”(awkward pause that probably felt longer than it was) “It’s good though!”

He nodded and promptly turned back to his friends. Ouch, burn. My hope died a little, I lowered my head and started to pretend to peruse the other beers.

But right then, the bartender came over and started talking with the people on my other side. The lady was saying that she loves IPAs and the bartender was agreeing. As I listened, I shook my head and made a face, and then the bartender included me in the conversation. And then after he left, the couple and I started talking! First about beer and then about Chicago a little bit (cause he overheard me telling the bartender where I moved from) and then about jobs, and then about football (yeah, he went to Purdue when Drew Brees went to Purdue. He met Drew Brees. Friends for life.) and then about more and more things until two hours had passed!

As they were getting ready to leave, he went to the bathroom, and she and I were talking, and I said “Well if this isn’t too weird, I could give you my number and whenever you guys are in the area…”

“Yes! I will give you my number too! And I don’t know why, but my email address too.”

Yeah, I got them digits.

I’m excited. And like a dork, I emailed her right when I got home. So night one, on my own, at a bar/social setting, I think I can chalk it up to a success. Even if I never see that couple again, at least I didn’t sit silent, staring at sports games that I don’t care about for 30 minutes and then left.