Entering the Real World

Hello all,

So as almost every blogger says at one point (and I think I’ve actually already said it numerous times), it’s been a while. But for once I have a good reason for it! My last post was in March, and in March, I graduated. So of course, with the economy being as it is, I was a little stressed out. I was searching for jobs left and right and despairing that the time, effort, and money that I put into my college education wouldn’t actually be worth anything.

But it was! I got a job! And it’s in my field! Glory glory hallelujah!

I just started working last week for Tribune Broadcasting in a new and developing position: syndication. So basically I am watching all 13 Tribune TV stations, monitoring their content, what videos they have, what videos they are planning to get, and then I not only make sure that our syndication partners get these videos, but I also share them around within the other TV stations in the Tribune Company.

Add to this, I am also starting to run the Tribune Broadcasting Twitter and Facebook. Oh yeah, and then I am also going to be editing together footage from stations and tracking and creating national segments, whenever there is an issue that is affecting multiple locations or the entire United States.

Already I’m in love. I love that I get to do multiple things in one job. But I think what I love the most about this job is that I am getting to help create it. My bosses are so wonderful that they are letting me be creative, ask questions, and then suggest more things for myself to take on. I’ve already suggested the latter two responsibilities, and I’ve only been working for a week, so who knows what else I’ll be doing in a month, two months, or a half a year.

Long story short, I’m excited and I feel incredibly lucky to a) have a job right out of college and b) have a job where people believe in me and allow me to be creative.

Soon I will be making a tab for what I’m doing at Tribune Broadcasting, but I will also be posting videos from the Tribune that I think are great, videos that I have created, and in general updates on what I’m doing.

So stay tuned!



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