And As I Promised: Podcast

So here is the episode of the writing center podcast. So this on is called “Literature After Dark.”

As a little background, this is the second installment of our three-part series about resources for writers in Chicago. The previous episode was about physical publications that a writer could submit their work to. This episode looked at venues for writers to go to either read or hear other authors read their work. The upcoming episode will be about online publications that a writer can submit their work to.

In this episode, the podcasting group attended three different writing events around the city. First we went to Essay Fiesta at the Book Cellar. Then we went to the Green Mill Uptown Poetry Slam. Lastly, we went to Reading Under the Influence for their themed event, “Poisons.”

The audio is right here, so have fun listening. It’s a cool show, I promise. You get to hear bits of people’s work, and you really get a feel for what it is like at the event. There are also some interviews with authors and managers alike.

And you get to hear me saying “monocle.”

You can go here to find this podcast and our previous podcasts. I was only involved in the creation of Season 2.


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